02.On Site Investigation
03.Proposal of Architectural Plan
04.Design Contract
05.Provision of Rough Estimate
at the stage of Preliminary Design
06.Formal Agreement
07.Launch of Construction
09.After-sales Service

About Fees

Consultation Fee
Application fee: 5,000 JPY (the first consultation fee is included.)
From the second consultation onward: 10,000 JPY per hour
Preliminary Investigation
Fee: 65,000 JPY or more (+ actual expenses + transportation cost)
*Legal checks and report on consultation with government offices are included in the fee.
Fee: 1,000 JPY per㎡
On-site Visit
(of planned construction site, building to be purchased, or existing house)
In Kyoto Prefecture: 10,000 JPY per hour + transportation cost
* If traveling time exceeds 30 minutes, 5,000 JPY or more /one way
is added to above for the exceeded time.
Other prefectures: 50,000 JPY per day + transportation cost (includes highway expenses)
+ accommodation expenses
* Transportation cost and accommodation expenses are not charged for the first visit.
Overseas: 100,000 JPY per day
+ transportation cost (business class or above for the fight) + accommodation expenses
Rough Design
Two designs are provided.
100,000 JPY or more / house
Design Fee
New-built House: Minimum design fee of 3,500,000 JPY or 12% of construction cost
Renovation of House: 800,000 JPY or 12% of construction cost
New-built Store/Restaurant: Minimum design fee of 4,500,000 JPY or 12%
of construction cost
Renovation of Store/Restaurant: 1,000,000 JPY or 12% of construction cost
Kindergarten/Nursing Home or other facilities: Minimum design fee of 7,000,000 JPY
or 12% of construction cost
Condominiums/Office: Minimum design fee of 5,000,000 JPY
*Please feel free to contact us for renovation of other buildings.
Payment Methods for Design Fee
The design fee will be paid in 4 phases under an official design contract.
* Fees to request for a construction permit to the governmental offices
and any other applications requested by related laws
and regulations are separately charged.
Investigation and planning: 10% of total design fee
Concept design plan: 20% of total design fee
Basic design: 40% of total design fee
Implementation design: 30% of total design fee
Construction Supervision
18,000 JPY /㎡ or more (Unit price 132㎡)
Work Sphere of Construction Supervision:
(1) Grasping the contents of building construction drawings
(2) Collating construction site with drawings
(3) Communicating with construction contractors for questions
(4) Asking questions to client about construction details
(5) Conveying requests from client to construction contractor
(6) Providing other necessary assistance and giving advice to client
* Consumption tax will be added to the above fees.
Revised on January 1, 2020
K. Watabe Architect Office