K. Watabe Co., Ltd. takes great care in handling personal information
obtained from our customers who use our websites and personal information
obtained through our business.
This privacy policy explains our handling of personal information.
We interpret as that the customers who use this website fully understand
and agree to the contents of this privacy policy.
We may change this privacy policy at any time
and we regard that you have agreed to the ongoing privacy policy.

Scope of Application
This privacy policy covers the personal information within and our servers.
This website provides links to other websites,
but this privacy policy does not apply to linked sites.
We encourage you to read each privacy policy before visiting each linked site.
Purpose of use of personal information
Personal information collected from our customers
will be used for the following purposes.
To use for the services we provide to our customers
・ To accurately inform our customers of special services and new products
・ To provide services and contents suitable for our customers
・ To understand customer satisfaction with our services
・ To contact our customers as necessary
・ To conduct our marketing activities
Acquisition of personal information
The information we acquire is as follows:
Name, address, telephone number, e-mail address,
and other information required for inquiries
Safety management of personal information
We manage our customers’ personal information appropriately
and take great care to prevent any leakage.
Use of personal information
We do not disclose, provide, sell, or share your personal information
collected from this website to third parties.

February, 2020
K. Watabe Co., Ltd.